Shedd Octopus Mood - 6pc Magnet Set

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Abbas Husain is an artist and printmaker in Chicago. Together with his partner, Noreen, he makes screen prints under the name Bagman Studios. His light-hearted work features surreal and funny combinations of creatures and colors. As a lifelong ocean-lover, he hopes that his artwork can be a unique and joyful way to connect with marine life.

A fun and catchy magnet set featuring the whimsical artwork of local artist Bagman Studios! Our 6-piece magnet set is perfect for adding a splash of color and character to any magnetic surface.

Each magnet features a playful octopus design and mood, expertly crafted with incredible attention to detail. You'll love the vibrant colors and unique style that only Bagman Studios can deliver.

These magnets are made to last, constructed with high-quality materials that ensure they'll stay securely in place. They're the perfect size for holding up notes, pictures, and more, while adding a touch of fun and creativity to your space.


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